Coffee partners

Penelope Coffee

Penelope Coffee produce specialty coffee with a focus on fairtrade and sustainability, offering a variety of single origin coffee and blends. The family-run company works with coffee importers who really care about their farming communities. To them, this means ensuring fair wages for those producing the coffee from start to finish, and including benefits like health care and education, for those aiding in production. Through purchasing this high-quality coffee you will be taken through a journey.
From taking one sip, you will not only discover its incredible taste, but you will also get a feel for the sense of community and family, which is behind making your final perfect cup of coffee. In terms of sustainability, all their bags are recyclable and the stickers are printed in the United Kingdom with ‘recyclable paper and a toner-based printer’. Furthermore, all the cardboard boxes, as well as any tape used, are reusable, for deliveries. Therefore, this brand of coffee is intentionally environmentally friendly.

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