Meet the Team

Our story

We are husband and wife co-founders of this little start up, offering something a bit different when it comes to flexible working! We have both worked in corporate jobs for years and each have our own experiences of working flexibly. You only have to pick up the newspaper to know that flexible working is what everyone is attempting to do but the facilities for individuals are still pretty limited in certain parts of London.

Big co-working sites still require long commutes to central locations and cater better for SMEs than individuals. Working from home may lack facilities or feel isolated and working from your local cafe has inherent limitations. 

Fundamentally for a nation of people who are supposed to be working flexibly, things still just aren’t very flexible!

Introducing HomeWork!… it is a fully serviced work space with all the facilities you would expect from an office but with all the flexibility of ‘working from home’. The high street location makes it local and convenient and the desk space is available on an hourly or a monthly basis (and various options in between). And did we mention the coffee?! 

With some of the finest speciality coffee and tea London has to offer, from the likes of Origin Coffee, Kiss the Hippo and Teasup, we can guarantee you’ll be able to find a tasty brew with us carefully crafted by some seriously talented baristas! So, come down and grab a coffee, a desk or a meeting room and start enjoying flexible ‘home away from home’ working as it should be… we can’t wait to share it with you.

Claire and Sam

Meet the team

Sophie Roadnight

Front of House Assistant

Sophie has a background in psychology and special needs support, she loves music, theatre and yoga. "I'm really happy to be part of such a wonderful community. Chatting with lovely customers and colleagues makes my day. I love to laugh and I'm so grateful I can be myself at work. I feel as though I've joined the team at an exciting time. HomeWork has come so far in such a short time and I know the future holds good things!"

Giedre Jasiulionyte

Front of House Assistant

Giedre (G) has gone from being the venue partner in a flexible working sector to joining HomeWork's team this August.
G feels a tremendous satisfaction in helping people and sees things in a positive light. On top of that, she is deeply interested in travelling, climbing and sports! Climbing buddies are welcomed to join her in one of her climbing sessions. "I always admired HomeWork's uniqueness among many co-working spaces that I worked with as HomeWork had a sparkle and radiated an extremely friendly energy. I am very happy to be part of a growing start-up family and looking forward to our bright future."

Alma Peters

Head of HomeWork Fulham

Alma is our Head of HomeWork Fulham, joining us with loads of customer service facing experience, she is always there to lend a helping hand making you feel at home within our community. "I love that at HomeWork i have an environment filled with intelligent individuals, where I am free to express my creativity, personality and wit."

Coco Haroun

Front of House Assistant

Coco is a Fulham based member with previous hospitality experience and loves making the space feel like a home away from home. Coco is also training to become a counsellor so thrives within the client interaction aspect of the role and loves meeting new people everyday. “I love being a part of the HomeWork family and getting to meet new homework members all the time. The relaxed and friendly energy is something I'm incredibly proud to be a part of and I can't wait for our community to keep on growing!”

Cameron McDougall

Wine Manager

Cam joined our Southfields team as Wine Manager at Sam's Wine Bar. His expertise comes from serving fine wine in restaurants back in Canada. By day he works for one of our wonderful partners, The Little Fine Wine Co, and by night you'll find him pouring English wine at Sam's.

Anika Basler

Head of HomeWork Southfields

Anika studied psychology and trained as a life coach with a desire to help people. She has been working in the corporate world for the past 5 years, as a Learning and Development professional covering a range of topics from performance management, personal effectiveness and equality diversity & inclusion. Anika has recently gone from being a customer at HomeWork to joining the team here! “I am incredibly passionate about creating an environment where people can be their best selves. What excites me about being part of the brilliant HomeWork team is our aspiration to create a space like that for the people we welcome every day!”

Katie Charman

Studio Manager, SWeat19 Southfields

Katie joined the HomeWork team in September 2022 to take the lead on bringing the fitness arm of HomeWork to life! Katie has been a Personal Trainer for 6 years and specialises in strength and conditioning training. Here’s what Katie has to say about her passion for fitness: “Having such a love and excitement for exercise is a true gift as it can really be a difficult battle for some people. However, the real pleasure comes with being able to instil that passion into others who want to train with me. I am so grateful for the clients and class members I train as they give me the opportunity to take them on a fitness journey to strengthen their bodies and minds through fun, challenging and varied workouts.

Vicky Pilinger

Front of House Assistant

"With hybrid working on the rise, I love being a part of the growth in a business that strives to give people the flexibility they need. I'm excited for what’s to come. I feel heard and understood at HomeWork!"

Claire Tucker

CEO & Co-Founder

Claire is a chartered accountant, working for 14 years at PwC, having joined on their graduate scheme. She took a career break in November 2017 to focus on her family and since then the idea of HomeWork was born and she hasn’t looked back.

“Starting a business has always been a dream of mine and I am constantly pinching myself that we are actually here! This idea came to us over a few glasses of rosé one summer, born out of our individual, less-than-perfect, experiences of flexible working. We feel passionately that the current offerings just don’t quite hit the mark and wanted to do something that would better support the individual and smaller business, enabling people to ‘work from home’ in an environment that is more conducive to work.”

Sam Tucker

Self Confessed “Non Executive Chairman / Social Secretary” & Co-Founder

Sam has worked for the last 4 years in corporate finance for a private equity firm. He started his career as a graduate at PwC, initially training as a CA and latterly working in their transaction services team. Whilst Sam is not involved in the day to day running of the business he has occasionally been known to offer some useful insight! As well as providing lots of much needed moral support.

Georgie Randon

Regional Operations Director

Georgie (a.k.a. Super G) joined HomeWork on Day 1. Now our Regional Operations Director, she puts her heart and soul into everything she does, both for us and our HomeWorkers alike! She spends her days driving the operational side of HomeWork, connecting functions and people together to create an outstanding brand experience. “I love being part of such an exciting and innovative business that creates the space for individuals and teams to thrive in. I am so happy to be working alongside Claire, Sam and the rest of the team to create HomeWork into the unique workspace we envisage it to be. I truly believe we will take HomeWork global.”

Adam Maloney

Head of Tech

Adam is a self-confessed geek and has been making a wide range of digital creations for 20 years, ranging from website to desktop applications, mobile apps to Flash games and likes to get involved with everything. He joined as a jack-of-trades technology guru to manage the digital estate. "The wide scope of the digital capabilities of HomeWork will lead to some interesting and creative solutions and I love working with such a passionate team"

Abbie Davies

Commercial Director

“I feel so lucky to have joined HomeWork at such an exciting time, I’ve been given such a great opportunity to be a part of a small, growing business that has such a huge character. Homework’s uniqueness is reflected across every aspect of the business; the amazing team, culture and space. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for HomeWork, and be part of a business that has such incredible potential.”

Jules Collingwood

Operations Manager

Jules is an all-round HomeWork multitasker, getting stuck in with all aspects of day to day operations. She thrives off a challenge and is excited to be a part of opening our newest site. Lover of the Arts and Social Science grad, she is always keen for a chat about anything creative and getting to know our customers.

Zara Wech

Community Manager

Zara is a local kiwi legend and has been spinning yarns at HomeWork Workspace since November 2019. Zara has a wonderful ability to build genuine rapport with every person that crosses her path and her passion for delivering the best possible customer experience is admirable. “From the moment I walked into HomeWork and met both Claire and Georgie, I knew there was something very special about this place and I wanted to be a part of it! I love interacting and building relationships with our customers and I am very passionate about the culture and community we have here at HomeWork. I am so grateful to be involved in a start-up that has so much to offer and to be working with an amazing team who all work so hard to make sure everyone who comes into HomeWork feels at home.”