Fixed desks: Our 5 most common questions answered!

How much does a fixed desk cost?

Our fixed desks cost £339+ VAT per month on a rolling monthly basis in Southfields, Fulham and Wandsworth. At Putney they are £299 + VAT. We have some great discounts though if you want to sign up to a longer term contract, just ask our team! 

Member using a phonebooth
Private phonebooths

What’s included with my desk?

Our fixed desks are little treasure troves! You get all the basic must-haves:

  • Exclusive use of your desk so you can bring your monitor, plant, fave paintings from the latest art project brought home from school.
  • Unlimited, tea and barista made filter coffee from our amazing coffee partners, Rosslyn and tea partners, Teasup! 
  • Superfast wifi (with ethernet cables and ports available if required)
  • Power and USB ports
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Printing
  • Registered business address
  • Mail handling
  • Locker

And these are the bits that make them super special:

Lifting weights in a SWeat19 class
Join SWeat19 classes
  • Unlimited private phone booth use
  • 50% off meeting rooms
  • 1 guest pass per month if you want to bring someone with you for the day
  • 1 free fitness studio class per week 
  • Late access*
  • Free Business Club membership
  • 20% off all F&B
  • Free access to networking events and masterclasses
  • Desk sharing 

*not available in Putney, late access times vary between sites

Can someone else use my desk?

Yes, the more sharing the better we say! You just need to register their details with the front of house team. This can be done in advance or on the day.

Group of members talking in a networking session
Business Networking

Are the collab desks available as fixed desks?

At HomeWork approximately 75% of our desks are individual, sectioned desks with desk dividers in front of them but we also have several ‘collab’ desks which are large tables without as much separation. The collab desks are equally available to take on a fixed desk basis if you prefer. Typically though, these spaces are used by flexible and pay as you go customers.

Can I bring food in from outside? 

Yes. We’re located on or near bustling local high streets. One of the big advantages of that is that there are loads of lunch options around. Go and explore!