Growing your team at a coworking space

We sat down with Ashleigh from Tinies to understand what led to their decision to join a coworking space, and how their team has grown throughout their time at HomeWork.

Tinies have used our Southfields space since we opened back in 2021. A small childcare recruitment franchise, the Tinies team started renting out a meeting room for one day per week as a semi-private office. As their team grew we found bespoke solutions to accommodate their needs, from using the space flexibly with desk bookings each week, to a tailored contract of a combination of fixed desks and flexible days for their growing team. We caught up with Ashleigh, Director and Owner of the Central London franchise about their business and time at HomeWork. 

Tinies campaign picture promoting using coworking spaces and nannies

Tell me about yourself and your business

I’ve been working in the industry for 15 years, starting out as a kids club rep in a little caravan site in the South of France. I then worked on a private yacht as a Head Steward, which led to working with people with high net worth. I got into childcare as an international nanny, and eventually came back to London after traveling and started as a Junior Recruitment Consultant at Tinies,. I’ve since become the owner of one of our franchises. 

Tinies is a recruitment agency for nurseries and private homes, specialising in nannies and nursery practitioners.

We recruit for both  temporary nursery practitioners and permanent jobs, and our team does everything from interviews to compliance, everything the client needs to employ someone. 

Over the past few years our team has grown from 2 to 7, they’re all super passionate and love what we do. Each member of our team has been in the industry as a nanny or nursery practitioner so understands exactly what our clients need. 

Can you describe your role?

I’m the Director and Owner of the franchise. I’m very involved in the day-to-day of the business, often covering as a consultant. I take on our international and higher net worth clients who need specialist care. 

Who is your target customer? 

Anyone who needs childcare really! From parents/families, private homes, nursery managers and nursery franchise owners. One of our biggest clients is Bright Horizons, the largest nursery provider in the UK. 

Have you changed the way you work in the past few years? How has it affected your business? 

Not too many businesses can say this, but we did better during Covid! Key workers needed nannies to cover their childcare so they could continue to go to work. We changed our business model and reached out to hospitals, setting up contracts for emergency back up care for their staff, which was a great opportunity for us. We lost a lot of nursery businesses as many were closed for almost 2 years, we were lucky that we have two different revenue streams. This also meant that we didn’t furlough any of our team! 

Work-life balance is really important to us as a business. The team have never worked from home (apart from during Covid of course), we’ve always preferred working alongside one another in the office so we have the opportunity to idea-share, and socialise. 

Why do you choose to work from HomeWork? 

I love the flexibility HomeWork provides, our whole team comes in 3 times a week. The team sits up up on the cafe floor as we like the more lively atmosphere. We also love the fitness class offering, networking opportunities and social occasions as we’re a young team. 

Your favourite thing about HomeWork? 

There’s a few! We love the coffee and classes, but mainly the convenience and flexibility. We’ve designed our own package at HomeWork which means we’ve been able to work with our budget and specific office requirements. 

Were there any deal breakers in your decision to join HomeWork? 

We needed to consider the size of the space as we knew we needed somewhere where we could grow the team, and we have! We chose HomeWork because one of my friends used the Putney site, which is a little smaller. When we heard HomeWork were opening their second site in Southfields we came along for a tour and loved it. 

We started out with a smaller team, using the meeting room for a whole day once per week as a semi-private office. When the team grew we started to use the desks on a flexible basis, our team used the space 2 days per week. Now, we have a combination of fixed desks and flexi passes which is perfect for our team. 

How has HomeWork impacted your business? 

The Southfields office has given our team a really great working atmosphere, it’s been good for morale and productivity. They all love coming to work! 

Advice to anyone thinking of using a coworking space? 

Do it! Go and try out a few local coworking spaces and see which one suits you and your team best. Think of a couple of must-haves whilst visiting each so you know exactly what your team or business needs to be productive and grow. 

Tinies are offering 15% discount to all HomeWork members! Get in touch with the team at