Which coworking membership is right for you? Flexi Pass vs Fixed Desk

In recent years, the traditional concept of work has undergone a significant transformation, with a notable shift towards the more flexible and adaptable approach of hybrid working. For individuals and employers, it’s difficult to know which membership is right for you. How can you be sure to get the best value for your money when choosing between flexible or fixed desk options? This blog details some of the key benefits of each membership and factors you should consider when selecting a coworking space.

Flexi Pass

Flexi Passes allow you to book into hot desks in our coworking spaces. Perfect for freelancers or cost conscious individuals and teams wanting to design their own hybrid working setup. All our desks include ergonomic chairs, socket and USB ports, super fast Wi-Fi, free speciality tea and filter coffee and access to phone booths, meeting rooms, shared communal spaces and printing.

Key benefits of a Flexi Pass:

  1. Cost savings: Our Flexi Passes give you a discount on the pay-as-you-go daily rate. You can save over 25% on your daily rate with a 15 day pass!
  2. No contract period: You can buy a Flexi Pass to suit you that month. If you’ve got a busy month coming up and need to focus, a 15 day pass will keep you on track. If you have a holiday coming up, skip a month or purchase a 5 day pass instead! You don’t need to commit to any contract period.
  3. Change it up – use all of our sites: If you like a change of scenery when working, you can use day passes in all of our sites; Putney, Southfields, Fulham or Wandsworth. Keep your flexible working exciting and try one per week, all on one Flexi Pass!
  4. Phone booth hours: You are welcome to take shorter, quieter calls at your desk however, if you have a private or louder call we have phone booths available to book online on our members portal. Each Flexi Pass includes 1 hour in the phone booth per day pass. For example if you purchase a 5 day flexi pass, 5 hours in the phone booths are included.
  5. Discounts on studio classes: Our SWeat19 fitness studio in Southfields hosts a range of fitness classes; Yoga, Pilates; Strength; TRX and bootcamp. Purchasing a Flexi Pass will give you discounts on classes!

Fixed Desk

Fixed Desk memberships are perfect for anyone who enjoys working in a professional and productive shared space 3 – 5 days per week. The benefits are also tailored to anyone who is starting or growing a business, or wants to take advantage of the endless networking opportunities that come with being part of a flexible workspace community. Additional services include mail handling services, registered business address, printing and 20% off all food and beverage!

Why upgrade to a fixed desk? 

  1. Your own dedicated desk: Choose your favourite desk and make it yours. You can leave a monitor, keyboard, mouse and anything else to personalise it. Lockers are also included for any valuables.
  2. 50% off meeting rooms: Members have meeting room access through the HomeWork portal, here you can book small, medium and large meeting rooms and receive 50% off all bookings. You can even book private offices for the day! Fixed memberships also include free unlimited phone booth usage.
  3. Access to HomeWork Business Club: At HomeWork we have a community of experts to support start ups and small businesses. Facilitators include Simon Lane, growth specialist business coach, David Hudson, Director at the HR Dept and Start ups of London. Members also have free access to all of our networking and masterclass events, providing opportunities to share ideas, gain referrals and make new connections.
  4. 1 guest pass per month: Bring a partner, friend or colleague to our workspace for the day for free!
  5. 1 free fitness class per week: Our Southfields studio timetable offers classes morning, lunch and evening. You can use the studio if your Fixed Desk membership is at any of our locations. We and have shower and changing facilities if you’re an early-riser or a lunch time exerciser.

Which membership is right for me?

Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, or remote worker, catering to your individual working style is the priority when selecting the right coworking membership. Equally, if you’re considering a coworking space for your team, there are many factors to take into account.


  1. Cost: Budget is one of the biggest factors when selecting the right membership for you. If you have a larger budget, and will use the space 3+ days per week, then a fixed desk membership is a no brainer. However, if you’re an individual or smaller business for whom cost may be a bigger consideration, the flexibility of Flexi Passes is perfect. You can manage this month to month and increase or decrease your usage as needed. We do offer discounts for longer term sign-ups on our Fixed Desk memberships – chat to a member of the team to find out more.
  2. Nature of your work: If you’re looking to set up an office base, a dedicated desk is a great way to call HomeWork, home. Discounted meeting rooms are perfect for client facing roles and you can bring clients into our meeting rooms at no extra cost. If you enjoy working part-time from home then a Flexi Pass may suit you, as you will have the flexibility to design your working day.
  3. Are you growing a business? Our Business Club included in the Fixed Desk membership, offers a great support system with a free business coaching session, advice from experts in their respective fields and networking opportunities.


Let us design you a bespoke package! Many teams who use are workspace have worked with us to design a package that works for them. Most have a combination of Fixed and Flexible memberships, with additional services included such as pre-paid meeting room time, fitness classes, speciality coffee or an end of week glass of wine!

Get in touch to find out more about our memberships

Our friendly Front of House team are always on site and happy to chat to you about which membership would be best for you. Alternatively, you can book in a call with a directly Site Manager.