House Rules


Keep your desk clear, eat courteously and put your rubbish in the bins provided. Be mindful of those around you and please respect people’s privacy.


Keep a pleasant and quiet phone voice and always keep your phone on silent. Use private phone booths for long calls and earphones for Teams, Facetime, Zoom & other video calls. Be mindful of others when chatting.


Dogs are welcome but please ask us before bringing your doggy. The lower ground floor is dog free, so we’ll need to know that there’s space available on the ground floor. Please keep your dog under your desk and, if they like to wander, please ensure they’re on a lead. Finally, please make sure you clean up your doggy area when you leave.


Please ensure you socially distance where possible and always wear a face mask when moving around the workspace and café. Please ensure you regularly wash your hands and use the anti-bac gel provided at each high touch point. If you are feeling unwell please stay at home until you feel better. To read more about what we are doing to keep you safe during Covid please visit

When using the workspace at HomeWork we ask that you read and respect our House Rules. Should you have any questions regarding the above or wish to talk to a member of the HomeWork team please email us at or call us on +44 (0)208 0516980.