Introduce your employer

Need help speaking to your employer about getting the hours you spend in HomeWork reimbursed by them? Let us do the talking! 

Lots of employers and employees are still struggling to find the perfect hybrid working set up, whether that’s at home, in a central office or at a flexible workspace. If you’ve been into or you’re thinking of coming into HomeWork but you want to know if it’s something your employer will pay for, we’re here to help you!

Our goal is to make sure HomeWork is accessible to every individual, team or employer who needs us. We are on a mission to make local workspaces an integral part of the new world of hybrid working so that both employees and employers can start enjoying the benefits. 

Fill out your details and your employers details on the form and we can arrange a time to speak with you and your employer about the benefits of using a flexible workspace and how it can be the perfect alternative to working from home for many employees. 

Plus for a successful introduction (i.e. your employer signs up) you will earn a voucher worth £50 to spend with one of our local business partners. What are you waiting for?!

Terms and Conditions: In order to earn your reward, your employer must have purchased a booking at HomeWork.