Our suppliers

We find the best suppliers so we can make you the best coffee to kick-start your day, indulge in a pastry, feast on the art hanging on the walls or simply comfortable in the knowledge that we are using sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.

Rosslyn Coffee

Launched in 2018, Rosslyn is a coming together of hospitality styles from both Ireland and Australia, the homes of our founders James and Mat. ‘All the attention to detail and high standards of the great Australian Cafe combined with the warmth and community of the Irish Pub, brought together in a way that best serves modern day London’. In a short period of time Rosslyn has established a reputation as one of the leading specialty coffee shops around.

·  “One of the best new coffee shops in the world.” Drift Magazine.

·   “The not-so-best-kept-secret of the City of London.” The Financial Times.

·   “Rosslyn might represent a template for the next phase in the evolution of speciality coffee in London.” Eater.com.

·    Best New Café in the World 2018 Finalist Sprudge.com

·    Best Coffee Shop in the City of London: Conde Nast Traveller

What’s their secret? “There is no real secret aside from concentrating on the basics! Not concerned with trends, only what tastes good. Being nice to our guests and serving exceptional coffee is the foundation of who we are and will continue to be. The coffee which we supply to our friends at HomeWork is our ever-popular house blend roasted in collaboration with Origin Coffee Roasters, a seasonal offering which is a bit of an all-rounder, working great as both a black coffee and with milk.”

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Run by the lovely, Phil and Hanna Joseph, Teasup is a specialist independent tea company based in Putney. Their mission is to seek out the best quality whole leaf tea from the top tea gardens across the globe, ethically sourced and in environmentally friendly packaging. Phil and Hanna both left corporate life to follow their passion for tea. They believe that a good quality cup of tea can enhance the enjoyment of the work and play experience – it’s healthy for the body, with a breadth of provenance and geography to rival the finest of wines… but without the hangover!

A focus on ethical sourcing is paramount to their values. Teasup is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), a not-for-profit organisation which convenes tea companies, development agencies, governmental and non governmental organisations to improve the lives of communities within the tea sector. Find out more at www.ethicalteapartnership.org.

Environmental responsibility is a priority at Teasup and they are committed to improving the environmental methods in which business is done, including biodegradable and compostable packaging for all of their tea.

To sum up, Teasup is an independent tea company that believes in drinking better: better quality whole leaf tea, better for the environment, better for the people who pick, grow and drink it!

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The Estate Dairy

The Estate Dairy is a collective of young passionate individuals dedicated to producing and bottling the highest quality milk and cream. They source the richest milk from the Chew Valley, which is located right in the heart of the Bristol countryside. Their milk and cream is produced from their Guernsey cows which gives their milk a unique golden colour and a beautiful rich flavour.

Their herd is farmed sustainably on over 500 acres of idyllic Somerset pastures. They believe in treating their dairy produce with the respect it deserves and close attention is paid to the cow’s nutrition their diet throughout the winter contributes heavily to the flavour of our dairy. Their unique farming system yields a high protein milk that deserves to be as unprocessed as possible and to best preserve out dairy’s goodness their milk and creams are unhomogenised.

Drawing from more than 10 years of research into the complex makeup of milk and how it behaves, the team are devoted to the pursuit of bringing our customers exceptional dairy produce all from traceable single farm gates. Their experience in farming, scientific research and hospitality means that we have an unrivalled perspective on what can be achieved for the specialty culinary industries.

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Happy Happy Soy Boy

Happy Happy Soy Boy is a premium soy m*lk with a unique recipe, crafted specifically for coffee. It is manufactured in Japan by soy experts using state of the art technology. Originally launching in Australia, they are now making waves in the UK with a soy m*lk that complements espresso.

Founder, Lloyd Smith, notes that his mission is to make plant-based beverages tastier, fun, more mainstream, and better for the environment than the products of the generation before us, so that consumers can choose products that are happier for them – and by making this choice, also happier for the environment.

Happy Happy Soy Boy is high in protein and low in sugar, containing just five natural ingredients that help highlight coffee flavours. The team have worked hard to deliver a plant-based product that has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, land and water use, while still delivering significant nutrition.

We choose #happy for that smoother tasting latte!

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Mörk Chocolate

Mörk Chocolate is a small business. Mörk have one foot in the world of fine chocolate and one in the world of specialty coffee, with over ten years of professional experience. “Mörk” is Swedish for dark, and the name speaks both to their shared history and their devotion to dark, pure chocolate. Their founders have always loved chocolate: one since the age of three when she would sneak downstairs many a winter night to steal the foil-wrapped chocolate Santas from off the Christmas tree. Making sure to carefully hide the wrappers where no one would find them. The other ever since his very first meeting with that same girl, then an experienced chocolatier, while she was demonstrating chocolate tempering at a coffee roastery in Sweden.

Their dedication to chocolate flows from a tremendous amount of respect for the product. Mörk work with the purest form of chocolate, cacao liquor, and the finest cocoa powder to create our chocolate blends. All of which are made in small batches to ensure consistency and freshness.

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Decent Packaging

The essential concept at the heart of decent packaging is to ensure they can unmake everything they make. All their packaging is simply made from plants.

Decent has sprung from the antipodes – New Zealand, where over the past five years – just like their products – they’ve worked from the ground up. In New Zealand their brand name is Innocent Packaging, they’re not using that in the UK due to a well-known carbonated cola company having rights to a similar name… and they’re fizzing about decent. Same ethos, same caffeinated team and same sustainable packaging made from plants.

Decent are a Toitu Carbon Zero certified company, meaning that all their packaging is carbon neutral. They are on a mission to turn plant waste into takeaway packaging, to provide the UK with sustainable plant-based solutions and alternatives to petrochemical-based packaging, and to transform packaging into an industry beyond oil.

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Tucker Images

We Capture your Creation. Tucker Images are a national photographic and videography agency with a team of expert photographers representing a wide range of specialities including lifestyle, marketing, PR, events, food, interiors and portraiture. With more than ten years’ experience of making your vision a reality, they go beyond expectation to deliver beautiful imagery that will showcase your brand in the best possible way. Tucker images take pride in their efficiency and attention to detail, offering a personalised service that ensures delivery of images within twenty four hours. Their London office in at Homework in Putney and studio in Fulham mean they are well equipped to meet clients on site, or are well connected to meet you to discuss your project.

Our London team working from Homework include their Director Josh Tucker and their friendly sales and production team of Beth Tucker and Zoe Warde Aldam

Their exhibited work includes photos by Josh Tucker from his work from the Penerai classic yacht Regates Royales Cannes which is one of the most prestigious fixtures in the international regatta season. The spectacular event was photographed by Josh from a helicopter hovering above the riviera, and the breath-taking photos are part of the exhibition at Homework.

Get in touch via email: hello@tuckerimages.co.uk

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Will Catchpole Design

Will Catchpole is a Graphic Designer/Artist whose prints feature on our walls at Homework Workspace. Will is a graduate from Leeds University in Graphic and Communication Design and works across a variety of areas including branding, web design and graphic art. His work is heavily influenced by nature and architecture and blended with stylistic colour palettes that are always unique and curated using a deep understanding and study of colour.

Our exhibited work by Will:

– Nishikigoi: Custom giclee printing on Hahnmuhle Photo Rag paper

– Santorini: Custom giclee printing on Hahnmuhle Photo Rag paper

Get in touch via email: williamcatchpole@hotmail.co.uk

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AttikoArt is an online store for abstract art, founded by mother and daughter design team, Michelle and Melissa – award-winning fine artist and interior designer. Providing beautiful, affordable, quality canvases for contemporary homes, each piece is lovingly created by AttikoArt and printed exclusively to order in a variety of sizes and colour combinations. Finding tailor-made art to suit individual interiors has never been easier…

Our exhibited work by AttikoArt:

– Pommy Bloom in ‘red & coral’ / canvas size 90 x 120cm / wood floating frame

– Emmy Burst in ‘green & teal’ / bespoke canvas size 90 x 90cm / wood floating frame

– Airo Cool in ‘khaki & grey / canvas size 90 x 120cm / wood floating frame

Get in touch via email: info@attikoart.com

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Lydia Collins

Meet Lydia, a Creative and freelance Photographer based in London and available for worldwide bookings.

Photography is something that she is hugely passionate about. She has been freelance since 2016 working within the Creative industry around the world – she specialise’s in Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle photography but also loves to shoot a range of styles from Products to Food. She is driven to create high-end content to suit every client and brand. Lydia understands the importance of brand recognition and style so will make sure she achieve’s your style through her creative vision.

“I love to travel the world, with my camera in hand, of course! I am available for worldwide bookings. For all queries and bookings please use the form below or email me directly on contact@lydiacollins.com and I will get back to you!” – Lydia

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