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Are you looking for a solution to hybrid working which allows employees to retain the flexibility of working from home but within a productive environment?

Using a local workspace could improve hybrid working for your employees and business.

With HomeWork you will find, 

A reduction in your carbon footprint by minimising wasted office space and employee commuting time

Your employee wellbeing is looked after; teams will be grounded and purposeful in their professional lives

Your employees can gain up to two additional hours of productive work a day by being in a professional working environment

Hybrid working presents unique challenges for employers who are struggling with an emptying office space, employees who are reluctant to commute everyday but equally don’t want to work from home five days a week. 

Choosing HomeWork, a local, flexible co-working space, is a much more cost effective solution than a central London office, and it will allow employees to work from a space conducive to productivity – much more so than the kitchen table. They can achieve a much happier work life balance, and not lose two hours a day to their commute! Bespoke plans can be created for each employee, whatever their requirements, we have the solution. 

As an employer, you can be assured you’re providing a solution which allows employees to retain the freedoms and convenience of hybrid working but in an environment where you have much more visibility; and where you can provide in-person coaching and development opportunities to more junior staff members. 

Employers concerned about their staff’s wellbeing, who spend lots of  time working from home, need not worry any more. At HomeWork, we are passionate about creating a community that makes people happier, more purposeful, and more anchored. Our community helps your employees to be their best professional selves. 

Our advice to employers? Be bold and embrace hybrid working at HomeWork! 

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Ergonomic chairs
Private meeting rooms
Private phone booths
Super fast WIFI
Printers & scanners
Chill out zones
Studio space
Monitor hire
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Registered business address

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Dog friendly
Networking events
Fitness & yoga classes
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