SWeat19 Fitness Studio at HomeWork Southfields

You can find our very own boutique fitness studio beneath HomeWork Southfields. We sat down with our Studio Manager and instructor, Katie to find out all you need to know about SWeat19!

Why SWeat19 fitness studio?

SWeat19 is located in the heart of Southfields, so that locals and workspace users can fit in a workout into their busy day! We have expert instructors in strength, yoga and pilates classes, with a variety of different workouts to keep you motivated and engaged. SWeat19 is based in HomeWork to help all our members, and local residents maintain a healthy work-life balance, to boost your overall productivity and well being.

Our Interview with Katie, Studio Manager and Fitness Instructor

Katie Charman, SWeat19 fitness studio manager.

Tell us about your passion for fitness and your go-to workout?

I like any outdoor Bootcamp, something that puts me in nature and in fresh air and sunshine. Being outside is my happy place. Any outdoor workout is my go-to.

I particularly like spinning, riding to the beat. I am a member at Psycle. It gives me a hard workout and it’s also a really nice community, with really great trainers and it has a nice culture.

What makes SWeat19 fitness studio special?

For me, it is a really beautiful space because it’s small. Many clients have said that the one thing that makes it special for them, is that it feels like small group training, as opposed to big classes. This is something that people have actually requested that we never change about the space.

When people come in for classes, it feels a lot more personal for them and they can have a fairly interactive session with me. There isn’t the pressure of a one-to-one, or the pressure of being lost in a group of 15-20 people.

It is a boutique studio but it doesn’t have that cliquey hierarchical feel. It’s more of a family space, where everyone can get involved, and work together in groups of 4 or 5.

Tell us about the classes on offer. Which one is your favourite?

At the moment we have Pilates, Yoga, TRX, Lower Body Workout, Power Strength workout and an outdoor workout called Bootcamp. The classes change seasonally and are usually based on the demand of the clients that are coming in. 

The variety is fairly broad at the moment and, as we come into winter, we will add in some new classes, as well, as keep an eye on which classes have the highest demand.

My favourite class is TRX just because I really like how much you can challenge yourself. It doesn’t matter how strong or how weak you are, the class will always be an extreme challenge, due to the diversity of the equipment.

Are the classes for all levels?

Becca and Jane, who teach Pilates and Yoga, are both pre/post-natal trained, as am I. They are available for anyone who has links to pregnancy. We encourage beginners to come to any of the classes, as they are all suitable for beginners, up to your most advanced fitness level. 

It’s definitely advisable to let the team know if you have any kind of prerequisites, but you are absolutely welcome to come, and we will make sure you are catered for in the class. 

Are there any new things coming for the studio? 

As we are coming into Autumn we will see some of the outdoor classes come inside. We will definitely be adding a few more TRX classes, as there are only 5 people in a class, and the class is normally fully booked. Watch the schedule to see what is coming up in the coming months!

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